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New commercial building site well on its way to completion in Cloverdale

IntraUrban Crossroads will add 185,000 square feet of commercial and retail space in three separate buildings

A new commercial building site is well on its way to completion in Cloverdale.

Part of the IntraUrban Business Parks, IntraUrban Crossroads is 185,000 square feet of commercial and retail space in three separate buildings. The business park stretches down Highway 10 from just past 176th Street all the way to 172nd Street.

The 10-acre L-shaped property will join up 57 Avenue with a new section of 56A Avenue that will run through to 172 from 173 (see graphic on Page 2.)

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The new park doesn’t have oversized business spaces, despite its 10-acre footprint.

“It’s going to bring a lot of value to Cloverdale,” said Scott Wheatley, the executive director of the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce. “There are both large and small units, but none of them are giant units like you’d find in Campbell Heights. There’s a lot of mixed-use units.”

Wheatley said the new park was built with the intention to create much-needed space for small businesses and sole-proprietor shops.

“It definitely fills a need in Cloverdale,” added Wheatley, “especially since the spaces were filled so fast in a pandemic.”

Joe Lehman, a realtor with Avison Young, the firm managing sales for the strata development, said all three buildings sold out at the beginning of 2021. He said the first two builds are scheduled to be completed by the end of November.

“The third building is just a little bit behind, so it will be opening sometime after that.”

Lehman said there are 43 units on the property.

“The buildings have created a lot of excitement,” he added. “It’s definitely going to bring benefits to Cloverdale, including more services and jobs to the area.”

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