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VIDEO: Agassiz’s Creekside Dairy puts in overtime to serve flood-ridden community

Julaine Treur recalls ‘crazy busy’ week amid historic B.C. Flood
Juliane Treur pets one of Creekside Dairy’s cows on Friday (Nov. 19) afternoon. It was all hands on deck for Creekside as the Agassiz dairy worked around the clock to provide cheese, milk and other staple foods to locals, evacuees and low-income families amid the Fraser Valley’s historic flood last week. (Adam Louis/Observer)

With supply chain disruptions, landslides and flood waters plaguing the Fraser Valley this week, grocery stores were quickly cleared of staple foods.

That’s when Creekside Dairy got to work.

Family members and employees at Creekside worked into the night to produce as much milk as they could, processing and pasteurizing it on site to provide cheese and milk to hundreds of hungry community members.

“It was really crazy busy,” farmer Julaine Treur recalled.”But when you see a mother break down because she’s so happy she has milk for her child, it’s pretty rewarding.”


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