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Red Barn fans span the globe

Cloverdale's landmark Red Barn Antiques is closing down.

To the editor;

Re: "The End of Antique Alley," March 4

I’d like to tell you my story about how I found the Red Barn Antiques in Cloverdale.

I’m from Germany and like Canada very much, also the fine antiques that are offered there.

I found the Red Barn Store 14 years ago, looking for the antique capital of B.C.

It was amazing to me, the red barn, so nice looking, big and [with] the old charm. The fine antiques gave a great feeling, also the people who worked there were so familiar and friendly.

That’s not to say that I always bought antiques every time I went to White Rock, every time I had to drive to Leigh just to say hello. Most of the time there was new old stuff added since the last visit.

I bought tiny, big and bigger antiques like parking meters, fire hydrants, pocket watches, dinnerware, Indian

masks, cash registers and so much more, shipping them to my place in Germany. So much stuff but my place is too small, too.

We had a lot to laugh, to discuss and make jokes [about].

After I met my wife Mette from Norway I took her to the Red Barn. She was speechless.

We like the place so much and are so sad that Leigh is closing the door forever. He’s a nice guy. We will miss the great Red Barn with all the stories it has to tell... very much.

With best regards,

Thorsten Trageser and Mette Syvertsen, who will flying in April to Leigh to say thank you for the great time we had there.

Freigericht, Germany