LETTER: If you don’t like it, go to Cuba

To the editor; Re: "Demon in the bottle," July 19.

To the editor;

Re: “Demon in the bottle,” July 19.

Letter writer Frank Sterle Jr. states “And while they’re at it, the government within Canada should acquire full control over all our natural resources – to be completely government owned and operated, with all profits and benefits going to Canadians.”

Mr. Sterle can have all of the above, complete with a 1950 vintage fixer-up, American built car, where all the people are equal, while the “Castros” remain more equal than others. All he has to do is move to Cuba.

While vacationing in Jamaica, Montego Bay, our bus driver says they do get some visitors from Cuba. The problem is they don’t want to go home. That is how bad it is.

Meanwhile, us Canadians must be happy having our natural resource ownership in our RRSPs and RRIFs. Now to also get those much-needed pipelines built.

Yours truly,

Fred Perry