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Letter: Food waste rant an affront

Re: “Eating contests are an affront to the world’s starving people,” Aug. 15.

To the editor;

Re: “Eating contests are an affront to the world’s starving people,” Aug. 15.

Dick Hulls’ rant about eating contests demands some kind of response as it is only subjective in nature and only appears to be an affront to him.

His trembling attempt to appear objective in trying to make people feeling guilty about it won’t work.

Perhaps this appears wasteful to him, however, to others it is exactly what it

Mr. Hulls asks, “What are we in this so-called land of plenty doing to help alleviate this tragic circumstance?”

Perhaps he’s not aware, but there are a myriad of world food agencies that are working to do just that; helping to alleviate the world’s hungry and starving citizens.

For example, locally, there are church soup kitchens, the Salvation Army is doing an outstanding job of providing food and clothing, as well as the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver, to mention a few.

What has Mr. Hulls done to help alleviate such circumstances? Has he volunteered at a soup kitchen lately? Has he donated funds to a food charity?

There is tremendous joy by being involved in feeding the hungry, and donating to world food agencies, of which I’ve had the privilege of doing both.

If Mr. Hulls can answer that he has supported some kind of food charity or agency, then well done.

But before he attempts to remove the sliver out of someone else’s eye for not doing it, then perhaps he can start by removing the log out of his.

Brian Batke