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Is there a commuter solution to Surrey's school crunch?


To the editor;

Re: “Rampant Growth Jams Schools: MLA,” March 11

Your front page column shows that Surrey is suffering from growing pains, with a school enrolment that is spilling over into portables. Many problems and very few solutions.

Building new schools is an obvious solution. It takes time to plan new schools and build them. We need other alternatives than just portables.

If you look north of the Fraser River from Vancouver to Maple Ridge, you will find the opposite problem. That is, too many schools, and not enough students to fill them, resulting in schools being closed down.

One solution will not fit all. It could fit some who think outside the box.

Move some of these Surrey students north of the Fraser River. We do have buses, bridges and cars.

Yours truly,

Fred Perry


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