Anti-crime bill is so retrograde

It is all so retrograde, so Reform Party.

To the editor:

Stupid-on-crime legislation: arbitrary minimum sentences, the (in)effectiveness of which mere politicians, especiallly coat-tail draggers from the so-called Conservative Party, cannot assess; prisons to the right of us, prisons before and behind, both a school for crime and a school for scandal; “anti-drug laws” which will treat teenage foolishness like drug trafficking.

It is all so retrograde, so Reform Party.

Where will the funds come from – all the while calling for deficit and debt reduction.

Will they come from the same social services which reduce crime rates, the rates we know have been reducing crime incidence over the past 30 years along with a simply aging population?

Stupid-on-crime legislation, an omnibus bill; this is not what we voted for. We did not vote to bring an end to civil society, to decency, to justice, or holding the government to account even in majority from its own benches by real MPs.

Let us hope this is the beginning of the end of what only Stephen Harper calls the “Conservative Party.”


Brian D. Marlatt

White Rock