Surrey imposes fire ban

Surrey imposes fire ban

Charcoal barbecues in public places are also prohibited.

Surrey has imposed a burning ban, canceling all burning permits until further notice.

The move comes after the Wildlife Management Branch banned all open burning in the Coastal Fire region due to drying weather conditions.

In Surrey, all types of outdoor fires are prohibited, along with charcoal barbecues in city parks and beaches. Cooking appliances such as propane barbecues are permitted.

The city is also asking for people to follow these precautions:

·   Dispose of smoking materials properly, making sure they are completely extinguished.

·   Don’t leave barbecues unattended and ensure they are turned off properly after you have finished using them.

·  Explain the dangers of playing with and lighting fires to children.

·   Properly dispose of bottles and broken glass you find outdoors to avoid them magnifying the sun’s rays and starting a fire.

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