Postal union choked over Surrey’s ‘no admail’ sticker

Included in the city's waste calendar is a sign for mailboxes asking for no admail.

Postal union choked over Surrey's 'no admail' sticker

The union representing postal workers is infuriated at the City of Surrey for offering “no admail” stickers with its calendar for waste pick up.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) wrote a letter to mayor and council accusing the city of targeting its membership.

“My concern about your “NO ADMAIL PLEASE” campaign is th4e impact that it could have on the number of postal workers employed in Surrey and across Canada,” Fraser Valley West local of CUPW president Stephen Gale said in his letter to mayor and council. “We fully support the right of Canadians to choose if they want to receive unaddressed admail, but the choice should apply to all unsolicited materials and not just Canada Post material.”

Mayor Dianne Watts said she hasn’t seen the document, and added she would be speaking with city staff about it.

City Manager Murray Dinwoodie said the idea, and the stickers, came from Canada Post. The concept is in keeping with the city’s own green initiatives, so Surrey adopted it.

“If you’re not going to read it, why would we, as society, go through the process of delivering it?” Dinwoodie asked.