Surrey-Panorama victor Marvin Hunt celebrates.

Surrey-Panorama victor Marvin Hunt celebrates.

‘Orange Crash’ in Surrey and North Delta

Two NDP seats lost here as B.C. Liberal majority declared in provincial election held Tuesday.

B.C. voters headed to the polls Tuesday in a much-anticipated contest that has surprised pundits and pollsters with a B.C. Liberal majority government.

In Surrey and North Delta, it wasn’t an “Orange Crush” – more like an “Orange Crash.”

Local ridings lost two NDP seats to the Liberals – in Delta-North, Surrey-Fleetwood and Surrey-Panorama.

In Delta-North, Liberal Scott Hamilton beat NDP rival Sylvia Bishop by a narrow margin, with Hamilton taking 9,060 of the votes, and Bishop 8,758.

And in Surrey-Fleetwood, Liberal and Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender took in 8,201 votes to the NDP’s Jagrup Brar’s 7,936 votes.

Results for the other Surrey ridings are shown in the table below.

The Leader and The Peace Arch News had reporters and photographers out in the field covering local ridings and candidates’ gathering sites.

Election results and dispatches from the trenches were posted online as they came in. Look for your local riding below – the most recent posts will be at the top of each riding section.

More analysis to come…

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Notes from the field: Your ridings of Surrey and North Delta (watch for posts before and after the polls close)


Candidates: Sylvia Bishop (B.C. NDP); Scott Hamilton (B.C. Liberals); Tinku Parmar (B.C. Conservatives); Bill Marshall (B.C. Greens); George Gidora (Communist); John Shavluk (Independent).

10:45 p.m. – Liberal Scott Hamilton declared a winner in this riding. – Paula Carlson

9:59 p.m. – Liberal Scott Hamilton in a squeaker of a race against NDP’s Sylvia Bishop – ahead by just over 200 votes. It seems ridings that lost their incumbents (in this case the NDP’s Guy Gentner, who retired) aren’t doing well tonight. – Paula Carlson



Candidates: Bruce Ralston (B.C. NDP, incumbent); Kuljeet Kaur (B.C. Liberals); Sunny Chohan (B.C. Conservatives); Jag Bandhari (B.C. Vision).

9:13 p.m– Bruce  Ralston still the only NDP candidate at the New Democrat gathering spot in Newton.9:11 p.m. Bruce Ralston said it’s too early to say with certaintly there will be an upset, but called the early numbrers “a little worrisome.” – Kevin Diakiw

8:36 p.m.  – Bruce Ralston expects the NDP to “do very well” in Surrey. He says the party has a “very good chance” in Tynehead, Panorama and Cloverdale. “Those would be pick-ups for us,” Ralston said.Paula Carlson

8:10 p.m.Bruce Ralston is the first to arrive at the NDP Surrey party headquarters. He describes the campaign as a tough one, but nothing he didn’t expect. ~Kevin Diakiw


Candidates: Amrik Virk (B.C. Liberals); Avtar Bains (B.C. NDP); Barry Sikora (B.C. Conservatives); Sukhi Gill (B.C. Vision).

9:50 p.m. – Police officer Amrik Virk has been declared the victor in Tynehead, taking the torch from retiring Liberal MLA Dave Hayer. – Paula Carlson

9:45 p.m. – Amrik Virk leading over the NDP’s Avtar Bains. – The Leader


Candidates: Sue Hammell (B.C. NDP); Dr. Amrik Tung (B.C. Liberals); Lisa Maharaj (B.C. Conservatives); Richard Hosein (B.C. Greens); Harjit Singh Heir (B.C. Vision).

9:20 p.m. – Sue Hammell, all but assured victory in Green Timbers. The Leader

9:16 p.m. – Sue Hammell in the lead in Green Timbers. – The Leader



Candidates: Jagrup Brar (B.C. NDP, incumbent); Peter Fassbender (B.C. Liberals); Murali Krishnan (B.C. Conservatives); Tim Binnema (B.C. Greens); Arvin Kumar (B.C. Vision).

10:38 – Fassbender recounts how for months Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan told TransLink Mayor Council the Liberals were ‘toast, they’re done.” New Fleetwood MLA says there is a “new government” and Corrigan should now learn to work with it. Says transportation south of the Fraser remains big priority. – JN

10:05 p.m.– Victorious Peter Fassbender carried aloft by wildly cheering Liberal crowd at Eaglequest golf course. – Jeff Nagel

9:33 p.m. – Fassbender upending NDP’s Brar. JN

8:48 p.m. – Fassbender out to big early lead 57 % over Brar at 33 % with 5/120 reporting. – JN

8:15 p.m. – Peter Fassbender tells the Leader he expects a ‘nail-biter’ finish tonight, but predicts a win against the NDP’s Jagrup Brar and thinks BC Liberal majority still possible.  – Jeff Nagel



Candidates: Stephanie Cadieux (B.C. Liberals); Harry Kooner (B.C. NDP); Howard Wu (B.C. Conservatives); Matt Begley (Not Affiliated).


9:58 – Cadieux admits she’s surprised by the “tremendous and exciting” win, saying she expected a skin-of-the-teeth Liberal win with perhaps 44 seats. “We had a leader that wouldn’t quit.”  – JN

8:51 p.m. – Stephanie Cadieux declared elected by CTV. She has nearly 64 % of vote to Harry Kooner’s 26 % with 8/120 reporting. – The Leader

2:25 p.m. – Returning officer in Cloverdale says advance poll turnout doubled to 5,700 compared to 2,800 in 2009. Watch video. – Jeff Nagel


Candidates: Harry Bains (B.C. NDP, incumbent); Sukhminder Virk (B.C. Liberals); Satinder Singh (B.C. Conservatives); Alan Saldanha (Helping Hand).

9:27 p.m. – Harry Bains declared the winner for the NDP. – Paula Carlson

9 p.m. – India Banquet Hall where NDP is watching results has all but hushed as broadcasts are showing Liberals ahead in 49 seats and heading for a possible win. If so, it would be an upset of huge proportions.

Most NDP at this site said before the polls closed, the only thing they were sure of was a win.

~Kevin Diakiw


Video: Voters outside Newton polling place.


Candidates: Marvin Hunt (B.C. Liberals); Amrik Mahil (B.C. NDP); Kevin Rakhra (B.C. Conservatives); Sara Sharma (B.C. Greens); Ali Zaidi (Not Affiliated).


9:45 p.m. – Surrey Panorama New Democrat Amrik Mahil arrived at India Banquet Hall in defeat. He said he was “very disappointed” and that he expected to win. He believed the B.C. Liberals played on a “fear factor” to shy people away from the Ne Democrats. He said there’s nothing he would do differently in his campaign. “No, you can’t have any regrets.” He said he expected the B.C. Conservatives to have a better showing in order to split thje right-wing vote. That didn’t happen. – Kevin Diakiw


9:40 – Businesses in Surrey were holding off investment because they wanted to see the outcome of the elction, Hunt says in response to Liberal majority. He said he was confident in the win because voters understood the economy was of critical importance.

“For those who have traveled around the world and seen what the economy is like elsewhere – in the United States and Europe – it’s one of those situations where you know we’re extremely delicate in our economy and we’re so dependent on our natural resources.” – JN

8:56 p.m. – Hunt holding strong lead with 56 per cent to Mahil’s 31 %, 28/151 reporting.– Kevin Diakiw

8:43 p.m. – Marvin Hunt has early lead in Panorama with 56 % of vote to 31.7 % for NDP’s Amrik Mahil.


Video by Kevin Diakiw: Voters discuss their choices outside Panorama polling station at 11 a.m.