Area affected by the boil water advisory on Thursday.

Area affected by the boil water advisory on Thursday.

Boil water advisory lifted for Cloverdale and Clayton

Fraser Health and the City of Surrey are confident the water is now safe to drink without boiling it first.

A boil water advisory has been lifted for the Cloverdale and Clayton Heights areas.

An advisory was put in place earlier this week after a water main broke in Cloverdale on Wednesday night.

The city and Fraser Health Authority are currently monitoring chlorine levels and are satisfied the water is safe to drink.

Residents and businesses are now encouraged to take the following steps:

Flush all water using fixtures for at least one minute to ensure there is no cloudy (turbid) water present.

• Run cold water faucets and drinking water fountains for at least one minute.

Drain and flush all pop machines and ice making machines in refrigerator(s).

Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle.

Drain and re-fill hot water tanks that are set below 45 Celsuius (normal setting is 60 C).

Change any pre-treatment filters (under-sink style and refrigerator water filters, carbon block, activatedcarbon, sediment filters, etc.)