Jazzed up for a new season

Jazzed up for a new season

Vespers in the Valley series begins its fifth year at Northwood United Church.

With guitarist Adam Rohrlick behind him, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (above) plays the trumpet in the first jazz concert of the fifth season of Vespers in the Valley at Northwood United Church on Sept 25.

Jazz concerts and readings take place every second Sunday at 4 p.m. at 8855 156 St.

The next concerts for the fall are:

• Oct. 9: Amanda Wood and Rosemary Siemens

• Oct. 23: Deanna Knight

• Nov. 20: Arntzens – 3 Generations

• Dec. 4: Mighty Fraser Big Band (Steve Maddock and Jennifer Scott)

• Dec. 11: Massed choir special

For more details, visit northwood-united.org