Catch this uniquely Canadian band

Northern Pikes perform at Langley's Cascades Casino Summit Theatre Feb. 10.

The Northern Pikes continue to perform live.

The Northern Pikes continue to perform live.

One of Saskatoon’s biggest musical exports performs at the Cascades Casino in Langley next Friday.

Hailing from the prairies and named for a feisty freshwater trout, the Northern Pikes are uniquely Canadian, blending roots rock with a pop sensibility on a string of hits in the late ’80s and early ’90s: Teenland, Things I Do For Money, Hopes Go Astray, Girl with a Problem, and Kiss Me You Fool.

A generation of MuchMusic fans got to know – and love them – through their cute videos, which featured jangly guitars, infectious hooks, and clever lyrics, notably the quasi-novelty hit She Ain’t Pretty, which featured a demanding woman with glowing eyes and monster-length nails who isn’t always what she appears.

True story: a friend had their 1988 album, Secrets of the Alibi. The record was pressed on translucent emerald green vinyl. Gorgeous.

The Pikes took a break before reuniting in late 1999. They recorded their last original album in 2003 (It’s a Good Life) but have continued to perform live.

In all, they’ve put out 12 albums (most recently a 2007 compilation called Platinum in 2007) and even collaborated with TV’s Survivorman Les Stroud. Turns out he’s a singer-songwriter, and a fan of the band.

Stroud won’t be there at the Cascades Casino Summit Theatre Feb. 10, but all but one (Merl Bryck) of the members of the original lineup will be: Jay Semko, Bryan Potvin, and Don Schmid.

Semko is also a solo recording artist who worked as the music director for TV’s Due South and has composed music for TV and film.

According to their website, the band is producing a collection of Northern Pikes songs recorded by female artists. The release date has not yet been confirmed.

Tickets at Doors open at 7 p.m., show is at 8 p.m.