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Paws Patrol: business leaders rescue stranded cat

Feline stuck overnight on downtown Cloverdale rooftop

Cloverdale business leaders Paul Orazietti and Derrick Mason “paw-sed” their normal work duties Jan. 4 to help a cat in need.

The forsaken feline had been stranded overnight on the rooftop of the Cloverdale Vapor Room.

When Orazietti, the executive director of the Cloverdale BIA, first heard about the cat in need, he wrangled in Mason, the owner of Mason’s Cloverdale Home Furnishings (his business is in the building next door). The pair then grabbed a ladder, ascended to the top of the Vapor Room building, and—after some time—grabbed the cat.

“When it was brought to my attention, I was moved to act immediately,” said Orazietti. “Pet’s are family members and I knew someone or some family was missing someone they loved.”

As Orazietti started talking to people, he said it was “exciting” to see everyone rise to the occasion. He said everyone he talked to offered to help in any way they could.

“Grant from the Cloverdale Computer Den first told me about the cat,” added Orazietti. “First I got permission from the Vapor Room to go up on their roof, then I talked to the residents on the upper floor to get permission to go on their balcony, then I thought I better get Derrick, because his family owns the building.”

After dispatching Scott Wheatley, the executive director of the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce, for cat treats, Orazietti pitched a ladder on the balcony at the front of the building and climbed up to try and bring the cat down.

But the cat would not come over to Orazietti and instead, after some time, ran to the back of the roof. Then Mason moved the ladder to the back of the building. He then went up and enticed the kitty to come to him with some of Wheatley’s cat treats and the cat was saved.

Orazietti took pictures of the cat and put it on Facebook and a family reached out to them saying it was their cat. However, there was no happy reunion that day.

“It was great that we saved the cat, but he ran away after he was brought down,” explained Orazietti. “Hopefully he made his way home to his family.”

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Malin Jordan

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