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Exploring the intangible: Elgin grad featured in international digital art exhibit

Min Kim, a recent grad of Elgin Secondary, is one of 50 artists featured

Daydreaming for young artist Min Kim is a great way to gather inspiration for her art work, a tool proven to be successful as the recent Elgin Park Secondary grad has been chosen as one of 50 high school artists internationally to be showcased in a digital art exhibit.

A first-year student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Kim submitted art work she created while she was a student at Elgin, the South Surrey high school, in her art classes for Grades 11 and 12. Now, she was chosen out of more than 62,000 portfolios to be featured in the 2022 AP Arts & Design Digital Exhibit for students to showcase their art.

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“The main theme of my portfolio is delving deeper into the inner world, the inner unconscious mind of the human brain,” Kim said in a Surrey Schools release.

“I enjoy psychology and philosophy, so I took that theme and researched different psychological concepts such as psychoanalytic theory and Sigmund Freud’s ego, id and super-ego.”

Using her talents as a tool to share the knowledge she learns is a creative route, Kim has chosen to showcase her education, she added.

Given her passion for psychology and the mind in general, Kim found her muse from within, citing her daydreams as inspiration, but her pieces still remain abstract and up for interpretation.

The three pieces included in the exhibit are called Inner Child, which is about how no matter the age of an individual, their inner childlike personality remains, even if buried deep within, Kim describing this quality as our “spirit.”

Another piece, Lost and Found, “is about memories that we collect and store deep in our minds,” while the third featured piece, The Ego and Id, is about the unconscious mind.

“I’ve learned through making this portfolio about using a variety of materials, different art periods from history, different styles, and through that, I’ve come to try something new that I’ve never imagined myself making.

“I like to call it ‘dancing with uncertainty’ or ‘dancing with fear.’ Fear is something that we don’t want to face, but by facing it, we always learn something new.”

To share her interpretations of human thoughts and experiences, Kim is keen on using her art as a form of narrative storytelling, enlisting the use of animations, comics, illustrations and paintings in her future artwork to come in in her post-secondary education.


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