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Cloverdale woman running free ‘24 Days of Gifting’ initiative on Facebook

Woman giving away free meals, gift baskets, and even filled stockings for seniors
Bev Sundeen is giving away free meals and gifts on Facebook to those in need. (Images via Facebook screenshots)

A Cloverdale woman is paying it forward with her “24 Days of Gifting” initiative on Facebook.

Bev Sundeen is giving away gifts and free meals to members of the Facebook group “Cloverdale Buy Nothing.”

The group acts like a free store on Facebook for members to give away items they no longer need, but Sundeen has elevated the group to a new level by injecting her giveaways with the spirit of Christmas.

“There is an incredible woman in our community that has been doing 24 days of giveaways out of the kindness of her heart,” said Erin Price, a member of the group and a Cloverdale resident. “She is even offering to provide a single meal for people in need.”

The first thing that struck Price when she saw the posts was how thoughtful Sundeen was.

“How nice of her to plan this out and give back to our community out of the goodness of her heart,” said Price. “Believe me, hers is huge! To plan and execute this 24 days of giveaway takes a special person.”

Price said she feels Sundeen’s kind-heartedness is bringing even more Christmas cheers to Cloverdale which, in turn, is elevating even more into the Christmas spirit.

“Right now, some in our community are really struggling this year to make ends meet and this simple act of kindness can really make a difference,” explained Price. “I’ve seen others in this group that are struggling and yet they are giving away as well for the holidays in any way they can.”

Price added that the members of “Cloverdale Buy Nothing” are already a very generous group of Cloverdalians.

“(They) really make you feel empowered to do the same acts of kindness, not just over the holidays, but everyday,” noted Price. “(Sundeen’s) helping to bring our community together and take care of one another.”

Sundeen has posts about free gift baskets, free meals, and even a single, filled free stocking for a senior. And she’s offering free, single-serving ham dinners for those in need.

“I cannot eat 14 ham dinners. Need some takers,” Sundeen wrote on the Facebook page. “Tomorrow I will open up what’s left to families … thanks for all the supportive comments.”

Price is hoping Sundeen knows how much a difference she’s making in Cloverdale.

“I feel like Bev has gone above and beyond to spread Christmas cheer in our community,” said Price. “I just hope that she knows how much we all appreciate her kindness and giving heart.”

Sundeen could not be reached for comment by publication time.

The Facebook group “Cloverdale Buy Nothing” is open to residents of Cloverdale only.

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