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Cloverdale Community Association members trying to re-establish group after COVID-caused hiatus

Association to hold open house Feb. 21
The Cloverdale Community Association is having an open house at the Cloverdale Rec. Centre Feb. 21. (Image via

A local association is making a comeback after suffering a membership drop.

The Cloverdale Community Association (CCA) lost contact with most of its membership over the last few years as it was unable to hold meetings because of COVID.

Now Ken Krasnikoff, a longtime member of the Association and past-president, is reaching out to old members and is eagerly trying to attract new ones.

“Prior to COVID, we were meeting on a regular basis at the Cloverdale Recreation Centre,” explained Krasnikoff. “Now that the pandemic has eased, we are once again able to meet.”

As such, Krasnikoff has scheduled an open house for area residents on Feb. 21.

“The purpose of this meeting is to re-establish regular in-person meetings of the Association,” he said. “We want to give updates on community initiatives, discuss important issues affecting our neighborhood, and hear feedback and suggestions.”

Krasnikoff encouraged anyone planning to attend the open house to invite others from Cloverdale and Clayton Heights.

An agenda for the meeting was sent out in an invite letter to former members. One notable item was the incorporation of the Clayton Community Association into the CCA.

The full agenda includes: 1.) updates on community and city initiatives, 2.) discussion on current issues and challenges, 3.) adoption of the Clayton Community Association into the CCA, 4.) open forum for community feedback and suggestions, and 5.) identify projects to make use of the $9,000 in available grants from the United Way earmarked for use in Clayton Heights before March 31, 2023 (up to $1,000 per grant available).

Formed in 1978, the CCA helps residents of Cloverdale and Clayton navigate local issues.

“The basic objective of the Association is to deal with issues affecting the well-being and development of the community,” explained Krasnikoff. “We promote community togetherness on these issues.”

He said the Association is intended to provide a collective voice for all of Cloverdale.

“We want to encourage more people to join the Association in order to have a stronger voice.”

Krasnikoff has been a member of the CCA for 35 years. He hopes this post-COVID era of the Association will be one of revival and revitalization.

He said once CCA gets going again, they’ll resume monthly meetings.

“That’s our biggest challenge, getting re-established. Once we get re-established, we’ll have an AGM and get things back on track,” he added. “We’re just picking up the pieces right now.”

Krasnikoff said sandwiches and refreshments will be served at the open house. He’s asking everyone who plans to attend to RSVP via email at

For more info, visit: or email:

The meeting will be held from 7 - 8:30 p.m. Feb. 21 at the Cloverdale Rec. Centre, 6188 176th Street.

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