Will anyone win the mega burrito challenge?

An epic battle will ensue at Taco del Mar in Clayton for the five-pound burrito challenge.

You might call it ‘Men vs. Food’, Clayton Edition.

Taco Del Mar at Clayton Crossing is holding a five-pound burrito challenge this Friday.

But that’s not all. The eatery will also be giving away free tacos from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sept. 30, which is the owner’s one-year anniversary.

Bring the kids – there is a pinata for children under 12 , and other family-friendly activities.

Owner Jordan West, 24, says the restaurant also held a Mondo Burrito challenge for Cinco de Mayo – the Cinco de Mondo – “and it turned out amazing!”

There’s an entertaining  video from the event posted to YouTube documenting the efforts of various customers and friends – and yep, they’re all guys – trying their best to defeat the five-pound black bean and cheese burrito, the equivalent of five Mondo burritos in one “humongaloid” burrito, according to one May 5 participant.

If you can eat it in half an hour, it’s free.

“I’m dying. Absolutely dying,” groaned another participant, who struggled to clean his plate at the 26 minute mark.

“It was delicious at first, but you go into it, and it’s just bad,” commented another.

“This was nothing short of an epic disaster,” declared another man, also defeated by the five-pound monstrosity.

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