Surrey celebrates Canucks win over Chicago

About 2,000 people took to the Scott Road/72 Street area to celebrate the game 7 victory that advances the Canucks to the second round.

About 2,000 people descended on a street corner in Newton this week to celebrate the Canucks victory over the Chicago Blackhawks.

Fans were reacting to the nail-biting elimination hockey game, which went into overtime, resulting in a Vancouver Canucks win.

The huge crowd spilled out into the street at 72 Avenue and Scott Road on Tuesday night to celebrate the victory, which sends the Canucks to the Western Division semi-finals on their march toward the Stanley cup.

Cars blasted their horns, while people on foot waved huge Canucks flags, cheering and clapping.

Police estimate the crowd at around 2,000 people and say they shut down the intersection for about 15 minutes to allow the celebration to continue.

RCMP say the crowd was extremely well behaved and report no incidents from the festivities.

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