House fires prompt warning

The Surrey Fire Service and Surrey RCMP remind residents to check smoke alarms and use other precautions.

Check your smoke alarms to ensure they’re working and be careful with candles.

A busy weekend fighting residential fires prompted a warning from the Surrey Fire Service and the RCMP to be safe over the Christmas season.

While the number of fires is down overall, at this time year, emergency crews respond to a number of fires which could have been prevented.

“While most residential homes in Surrey are equipped with smoke alarms, many of those alarms are not operational,” Deputy Chief of the Surrey Fire Service said, in a warning issued Monday.

“It is important for all residents to make sure they regularly test their alarms to ensure they are present and functioning properly.”

Last winter, the Surrey Fire Service and Surrey RCMP responded to two fatal fires involving children.

In hopes of preventing further tragedies this holiday season, the fire service has offered the following tips:

Smoke alarms should be installed on every floor of your home, and tested regularly.

Candles should be monitored and used with extreme caution. Blow them out when they’re not attended.

Do not leave the kitchen unattended when cooking.

Keep space heaters away from flammable materials like curtains and decorations.

Extension cords should be used properly and not overloaded.

Keep live Christmas trees watered and locate them away from any potential fire sources.

Ensure that all Christmas lights are working properly.

Home Safety Inspections are available to Surrey residents upon request. Smoke alarms can be provided and installed at no cost. To arrange a fire inspection, call 604-543-6780.

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