Have you seen Dusky?

Exotic bird stolen from pet store on Tuesday.


He was a familiar and friendly feathered face for visitors to a Surrey pet store.

But on Tuesday at around noon, someone took Dusky, a seven-year resident of Petland on Fraser Highway near 194 Street on the Surrey/Langley border.

The bird, named after his breed, the dusky-headed conure, was not for sale and had become part of the family – human and animal – which also includes longtime companions Samson the macaw and Stella, an African grey parrot.

Dusky is mostly green, with a grey head and white around his eyes. He’s not more than 12 inches from head to tail.

Samson has also been stolen in the past, but has always been returned.

Dusky’s disappearance has everyone extremely worried, said the store’s co-owner Greg Draper.

“We’re all pretty sick about it,” he said. “You never know who takes them … if they’re going to take care of them properly.”

Anyone with information about Dusky’s disappearance or whereabouts is asked to call Draper at 604-530-7878. A reward is being offered for the bird’s safe return.