Charges recommended in beating of Surrey man

Police say brutal attack took place in a North Vancouver home.

North Vancouver RCMP Cpl. Peter DeVries

On Sept. 3, 2009, the Vancouver Police Department received a call that a man was found in a vehicle, bound hand and foot with a bag over his head. The 67-year-old Surrey victim had lacerations to his scalp and face and severe trauma to both eyes, broken ribs, a collapsed lung and bleeding on the brain.

It was soon discovered the assault took place at a house in North Vancouver and that it involved a syndicate of marijuana grow operations.

After a year-and-a half-investigation, North Vancouver RCMP are now recommending  charges of forcible confinement against a 49-year-old Squamish resident and forcible confinement and attempted murder against a 40-year-old Surrey resident.

North Vancouver RCMP say this is the kind of violence found in the drug trade.

“It’s important for people to know how brutal participants in the drug trade can be,”  said Cpl. Peter DeVries, spokesperson for the North Vancouver RCMP.

“This shows once again that because of its monetary value as a commodity, marijuana is inextricably tied to serious acts of violence. Crimes such as assaults, frauds, thefts and burglaries are commonplace in the drug trade world. People need to be aware of that fact; this case is just one more example among many.”