Avril Flather named Surrey’s 2011 Good Citizen

Avril Flather (right)

A longtime Surrey volunteer has been named Surrey’s Good Citizen of the Year for 2011.

Avril Flather has been selected by the city for her years of work building strong communities.

Flather helped found the Panorama Ridge Ratepayers and the area’s riding club.

She also served on the Heritage Advisory Committee beginning in the late 1980s and edited the 1989 version of the Book of Surrey’s Heritage.

Former City Coun. Judy Higginbotham worked with Flather for years on the heritage committee.

She remembers her as “educated and very much a lady” who was even-keeled and easy to work with.

“She was well-spoken, chose her words well, and always contributed,” Higginbotham said, describing her as extremely capable. “Every committee she was on, she always worked her way up to be chair of it at some point.”

Flather also served on the city’s Public Art Advisory Committee.

Mayor Dianne Watts said Flather is an excellent choice for this year’s Good Citizen.

“The City of Surrey is very fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and energy to help build the spirit of our city and make Surrey an even better place to live,” said Watts. “Surrey is thriving and that is a testament to people like Avril Flather who demonstrate the power of individuals to shape the communities in which they live.”

The ceremony honouring Flather was Tuesday at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford.