Warning: parenting in progress

Crows protecting a nest are surprising shoppers in Cloverdale.

A Cloverdale crow keeps a sharp eye on the parking lot at Clover Square Village.

Look up. Look waaaay up.

A family of crows is protecting a nest tucked into the eaves of Coast Capital Savings in Cloverdale, surprising unsuspecting customers as they make their way from the parking lot into the financial institution.

A poster taphttp://webpapersadmin.bcnewsgroup.com/portals/uploads/cloverdale/.DIR288/wBewareofCrow.jpged to Coast Capitals’ front door warns clients to be careful walking around the vicinity of the nest, located on the northwest corner of the building – and to be aware the crows may swoop down behind them.

The assertive corvid parenting tactics have been concentrated in the parking lot between Coast Capital and the neighbouring KFC restaurant, located in Clover Square Village mall, across from the Surrey Archives on Highway 10 at 176A Street.

Last week, customers were also warned with spray painted messages reading “Warning: Crow” written on the parking lot pavement.

Even though she had read the warnings, and was aware that crows were in the area, Natasha Taylor from the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce was surprised by a crow touching down on her head on a recent banking errand.

She wasn’t hurt or scratched, but she was startled and impressed by the diligence of the bird parents.

Taylor said she was told the nest can’t be moved while the young are still feeding, so the well-meaning attacks will continue until the chicks fledge.

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