Minister Gordon O'Connor and Anita Patil Huberman met Thursday at an economic roundtable.

Board of trade presses feds for change

O'Connor promised to take concerns to finance minister

The Surrey Board of Trade met with a federal minister this week to press for changes on several issues from taxes to copyright laws.

On Thursday, the board met with Gordon O’Connor, minister of state and government whip as part of a pre-budget economic roundtable with business people in Surrey.

The board discussed several issues with the minister regarding Ottawa’s economic policies.

O’Connor committed to share those ideas with the prime minister and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

The issues raised ranged from Renovation Tax Credit, addressing copyright laws that will help to reduce federal government deficit, HST, post-secondary education, skills shortage – demographic shift at an almost crisis stage and reducing corporate taxes.

Anyone wanting to submit recommendations to the federal government can do so via the Surrey Board of Trade by emailing The Surrey Board of Trade will send your comments to our contact in Ottawa.