C’mon Cloverdale! Your vote needed

A local minor hockey team has taken its request for community support, and votes, to YouTube.

The Cloverdale H4 Eagles Minor Hockey team is asking for your support in  Best Buy’s All-Star grant contest.

And they’ve taken that request to YouTube, where the team recently posted a catchy video in order to highlight the cause – all while making a broader point about the value of sport, teamwork, and dedication.

The video is a plea for votes in the contest, which runs to Dec. 6. The team is competing for a $2,000-grant from the national home electronics outlet.

“I’d like to introduce you to 14 great players from the Cloverdale Eagles,” the voice over begins, as the camera pans past a line of young players in the locker room. One by one, the boys turn around to face the camera and shout their last name.

“Bath.” “Caruso.” “Gill.” “Hiatt,” and all the way down the line. The clip ends with the team answering the question, “Who should people vote for?” with an enthusiastic exclamation: “Eagles!”

A description included along with the video fills in more details.

“One day, maybe, just maybe,” it reads, “one of these names will be in a starting lineup somewhere, playing in the big leagues.”

The blurb writer notes while the chances of that happening are slim, it’s important to remember the boys’ names for another reason:

“Each one of these boys will grow up to be someone important… the options are unlimited.”

The description then says the players are learning some valuable life lessons, namely, that working hard pays off, that teamwork matters and that above all else, it’s important to have fun.

As of early this week, the team was still holding on to second spot in the contest.

Visit http://ow.ly/eA9kP to register to vote. Voting is open to Dec. 6, and it’s possible to vote every day.

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