Cloverdale minor football scores

The following are results from the Sunday, Sept. 11 games for the Cloverdale Community Football Association, who play in the Vancouver Mainland Football League, or VMFL.

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Cloverdale Cougar Drey Blair makes a touchdown during a Jr. Bantam game last weekend.

The following are results from the Sunday, Sept. 11 games for the Cloverdale Community Football Association, who play in the Vancouver Mainland Football League, or VMFL.

Bantam division

Cloverdale Leopards: 0

Abbotsford Falcons: 19

Highlights: Although the Leopards lost 19 – 0 there was a definite improvement in our defense. Zac Blouin, Chase Goldney, David Dinbandhu, Val Ingaldson had good games on the defensive side. Manveer Duhra and James Davies were strong as Offensive and Defensive lineman.

Not only did Zac Blouin have the biggest block against him he had the best play on defense chasing down a wide receiver to stop a touchdown. Ricky Park and David Dinbandu had some big gains on running plays but the Leopards were unable to sustain their gains to put the ball in the endzone.


Jr. Bantam

Cloverdale Cougars: 8

North Surrey Falcons: 32

Highlights: The Cougars tried hard but were unable to stop the Falcons. Andrew Murison, Bruce Balfour, David Burchart, Shawndeep Padda and Lukas Stevens provided great blocking. Great defensive plays by Jasman Basra, blocking a convert kick and an interception by Jaden Wutke.

Drey Blair (pictured above) ran down for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.


Pee Wee

Cloverdale Lynx: 0

North Surrey Cardinals: 44

Highlights: Troy MacDonald made two 10-yard-runs right up the centre. Jordan Kelley made several good runs getting first downs and prevented a field goal by grabbing the ball before the Cardinals’ kicker was able to kick it.

Treh Bhullar made a 15-yard run passing four Cardinals from a pass that Kaiden Lilley threw. Kaiden threw the ball to Gabriel Fenelon, which in return made it to the five-yard line. Joshua Reed made three sacks and prevented a field goal.


Cloverdale Bobcats: 16

Coquitlam Cougars: 0

Highlights: Great touchdown saving tackle by Jaden Simon. Hard run resulting in a touchdown by Derek Best. Onside kick recoveries by J.T. Blafour and Morgan Sandford. Big tackles by Kojo Odoom, Trey Jones, Cole Irwin and Cam Kumar. Overall, a hard fought game by both teams.



Cloverdale Lions: 9

Coquitlam Lions: 15

Highlights: The Cloverdale Lions unfortunately had the same result as last Sunday. However, the team played much better and the results showed in the score. except for two big plays, the game was played between the 40-yard lines with each team containing the other.

Zach Siegemund and Alex Thorton were outstanding with five QB sacks and Kyle Dodd delivered many big hits from the linebacking spot. The offence made some big gains and continues to get better.


Cloverdale Panthers: 50

Royal City Hyaks: 12

Highlights: The Cloverdale Panthers beat the Royal City Hyaks 50-12 in their home opener on Sunday. Terrel Jones, Walker Erickson, Jaeden Reid all scored touchdowns, while Taran Birdi and Dante Vatkin added two each. Jones, Reid, Erickson and Nathan Sawyer were all successful in their extra point attempts.

A fumble recovery by Kurtis Smythe and great tackling by Sawyer, Smythe and Noah Anderson led the defense.

Flag division

Cloverdale Cheetahs: 15

Coquitlam Packers: 3

Highlights: Jace Atkinson had a great day running the ball. Jamie Fuchs and Brandon Ballance had an outstanding defensive game getting a ton of flags.

Cloverdale Sabre Cats: 12

Richmond Raiders: 0

Highlights: Travis Smythe was great on special teams getting flags. Strong defensive plays by Markus Lund kept the raiders off the scoreboard. Good offensive blocking by Jayden Allgaie-Hassan.

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