The Surrey RCMP says damage to public washrooms may be related to social media trend. (RCMP handout)

The Surrey RCMP says damage to public washrooms may be related to social media trend. (RCMP handout)

OUR VIEW: Rash of inane crimes in Surrey is maddening

Clearly, some people have not mastered their reptile brain

If anyone deserves to spend Christmas in a jail cell, it’s someone who stabs a senior citizen over a seat on SkyTrain.

At press time, police were still looking for a suspect accused of stabbing an older man multiple times on a train as it was leaving Scott Road Station this past Saturday.

According to police, both were aiming to sit on the same seat. The older man surrendered it and moved on, but that wasn’t good enough for the younger man who also wanted an apology for being accidentally bumped.

There was a time when people held doors open for others and gladly surrendered transit seats to the elderly, the disabled and mothers with small children.

SEE VIDEO: Senior stabbed over dispute regarding SkyTrain seat in Surrey

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It seems these days, many people are too busy with their faces buried in their cellphones to bother. And then there are those who stab people, sometimes the vulnerable, for what seems like any old excuse.

There has been a rash of inane behaviour out there lately, aside from this particularly malicious SkyTrain incident.

Speaking of public transit, a bus and several semi-trucks were damaged by someone throwing rocks from a Highway 99 pedestrian overpass in South Surrey. And this was not a one-off act of spectacularly cold-hearted – not to mention dim-witted – evil; it occurred over three days on Nov. 26, 29 and 30. Astonishing.

And more recently, police are looking for vandals who are going about smashing toilets, doors and soap dispensers in Surrey’s public washrooms.


Now that’s a question for the ages, isn’t it? Aren’t we supposed to be some kind of advanced species?

Clearly, some have not mastered their reptile brain. Those people – a term too generously extended to some – need to evolve. And in the meantime, cut it out.


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