Surrey City Hall. (File photo)

Surrey City Hall. (File photo)

OUR VIEW: No time for childish spats, Surrey council

We’d all like to see some grace under pressure. Now is not the time for such squabbles

A pandemic will stress out just about everyone. We’re all learning that first hand.

But did anyone else notice the extra dose of tension between Surrey council members during the April 6 “virtual” council meeting?

It’s a good thing they weren’t in the same room.

There’s not much love lost these days between the mayor and those councillors who, it’s hard to believe, were his running mates campaigning under the same Safe Surrey Coalition banner during the 2018 civic election.

Consider the following exchange, between Mayor Doug McCallum and Councillors Brenda Locke and Jack Hundial.

Let’s call it Exhibit A.

McCallum: “Councillor Locke, okay, I mean, we just passed a code of ethics. You should read it to understand your role as a councillor.”

Hundial: “That’s a little insulting, even within the code.”

McCallum: “Pardon?”

Hundial: “You can’t really say that, under the Code of Conduct, sir.”

McCallum: “I can’t say it? Councillor (Hewitt? Huot?) I can’t say it, you said?”

Hundial: “No. We can’t be belittling other members on council.”

And so on.

C’mon guys. People have lost their jobs, COVID-19 has shut down the world as we knew it, and people, tragically, are dying from this terrible virus.

People are scared, and in need of help and leadership.

They don’t need this, even at the best of times.

Sure, politicians are also people, possessed of human frailty. Still, Surrey City Council, get a grip.

We’d all like to see some grace under pressure. Now is not the time for such squabbles.

– Now-Leader

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