Letters from residents of seniors housing

We’ve received numerous letters in response to an unsigned letter published in the Aug. 18 edition describing frustration with seniors housing.

We’ve received numerous letters in response to an unsigned letter published in the Aug. 18 edition describing frustration with seniors housing. The following excerpts are a sample of the response. References to specific establishments and individuals have been removed.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to voice their opinion on this issue. – Editor

‘Dismayed, angered’

To the editor;

Re: “Cloverdale Seniors are Scared,” Aug. 18

I was dismayed then angered by a letter you chose to publish recently, signed ‘Anonymous.’ It bothered me on two levels; one, that you would print this hurtful, unsubstantiated series of comments and two, by the writer hiding while spewing this venom.

I live in senior’s housing here in Cloverdale and was impacted by the “no pets” rule. I must admit however, that the rule has a solid rationale, especially about four-legged pets.

When I needed housing after a very traumatic part of my life, I was impressed  with all I found in an area I did no know. The manager greeted me warmly to a warm, clean, well-kept home.

How spineless to publicly write that and to hide behind “Anonymous.”

Janet M. Butler


When is it okay for a person to write into the paper for all to read and signed anonymous and the paper prints it without checking to see if any of these allegations are true?

I have lived here for over eight years and don’t recall anyone coming to my door to ask about these so-called problems.

All rules are not set by managers. They come from a board of directors. Management of any apartment complex are given these rules to follow.

This has annoyed me so much I could go on for another 10 pages, but I do believe in Karma.

Pat Moore


What’s the problem?

Where is all this coming from? I have not heard of anything of the sort going on in my surroundings at seniors housing, and I have lived here for 13 years.

I have no problem voicing my opinions or needs, so I don’t understand what the problem is, what this concerned letter writer, who did not sign this letter by the way, is talking about.

Marian Fair



Offensive, inaccurate

I am also a friend of seniors in Cloverdale where I live and I find the letter offensive and inaccurate. Any complaints are dealt with swiftly and fairly. The senior home is run very efficiently.

People when they complain anonymously should not have their views published, when in fact they are just upset people that live in senior housing.

Everybody should be heard and when you complain that someone is getting abused, evicted, or a dressing down, sign your name and don’t be afraid of what people think of you. You have made a complaint with no proof to back it up.


Arnold Eichhorst


It surprises me that your newspaper would actually use this article on page 4 when surely you receive hundreds of decent, positive items to publicize. And whoever the sender is should be classed as a coward.

The writer definitely needs a hobby. I have several and will share with anyone.

B. Marston



I have lived here for 16 years and the manager of this complex has been excellent.

This is a very hurtful article and there is no truth to it.

Norma Cowley

Some don’t like rules

First, it would be nice of you checked your facts. It is not BC Housing it is subsidized BC Housing…

Rules are rules and some people don’t like rules. I think it is outrageous that you think you can print such lies in your paper.

If there are a few who are not happy, they are free to find alternate accommodations and quiet causing unnecessary problems for the rest of us.

Donna Smith

Letter ‘Hogwash’

That letter is hogwash. All apartments have rules. I was an apartment manager, so I know you can’t please everyone.

Yes we have birds, but apartments don’t have to be fumigated like they would if we allowed dogs.

We can’t have dogs roaming the halls and taking fleas everywhere.

I think the unhappy party should move.

Merle Harrop