LETTERS: Concerns over Semiahmoo Town Centre development proposal


We are in the wake of change, as the Stage 2 Semiahmoo Town Center Plan proposes new densities and heights of 28 storeys on 16 Avenue down to 20 storeys at the north end on 18 Avenue in the first proposed phase of the project.

As a community in the neighbouring areas, we face sunlight reductions as calculated by Aplin Martin architects on the north side of 18 Avenue affecting Martin Drive, and Southmere Crescent East.

There is also the increased traffic density as a result of this development, without major upgrade to transit systems or main feeder roadways.

In addition there is the concern that along with the removal of the commercial buildings which now provide support services to the community along Martin Drive, businesses will be forced to re-locate.

Are we ready as a community for this change?

Deanna Kilt, South Surrey

City of SurreyLetter to the Editor