Letter: When Christians forget about Christ

Why are the compassionate teachings of Christ so often left out of the Christmas discussion?

To the editor,

While so many argue over what to call ‘Christmas,’ the far greater question should be asked: Why are the compassionate teachings of Christ so frequently left out of the ‘Christmas’ discussion/debate. (And, no, I’m far from being ‘Christ-like,’ although I usually-unsuccessfully aspire to be.)

Thus, whenever the Christmas month of December comes around, a plethora of people are suddenly motivated to give; though, soon enough, it will basically be back to ‘business as usual’ for the following 11-or-so months of the year.

Even worse are all of the

Canadian (but also U.S.) politicians who, especially at Christmas time, proclaim their ‘strong faith in Christianity,’ yet ironically tend to be the least compassionate/Christ-like people of all; and again ironically, most of the (atheistic) secular-humanists I’ve encountered over the years seemingly would make far better Christians through their compassion for humanity than do too many ‘practicing Christians.’


Frank G. Sterle, Jr.