Letter: tears of shock and dismay

Re: Letter, “Halloween climbers ‘spit in the face’ of Canada’s veterans”, Oct. 27.

To the editor:

Re: “Halloween climbers ‘spit in the face’ of Canada’s veterans”, Oct. 27

I received my paper October 27 and the above article drove me to tears of shock and dismay. I was not aware this situation could or would ever happen. My family gave their life in the Batoche Revolution, WW1 and WW2 for our freedom.

These children and their parents should all write a 1,000 word essay in what their freedom means and what Remembrance Day means to them, and what they all have today as a result of how they all live today.

The disrespect is enormous, the parents should have stopped their children.

Why did they allow this to happen? Would they allow their children to run over their own family graves?

There clearly is no respect for these men and women who gave so much for our country, men and women, children who were at home preserving what we have today.

I am a veteran’s great  grand-daughter, grand daughter and niece.

They fought for my freedom and I stand each year in respect and honor of these men and women who gave their lives.

Barbara Kennedy



Editor’s note: Thanks to a group decision by organizers of this year’s Halloween Costume

Parade, the problem was averted altogether.

Surrey RCMP members from the Cloverdale/Port Kells district office erected barricades around the structure, and several eagle-eyed auxiliary constables were stationed beside it during the Oct. 29 event, preventing anyone from climbing onto the War Memorial.

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