Letter: Surrey set to bulldoze a forest – again

Surrey council refuses to listen to advice from its ecological advisory committee.

To the editor;

Huge green space set for paving screams the headline.

A neighborhood concept plan that will bring 9,000 new people to Grandview Heights is 100 per cent opposed by the city’s own ecological management study. Surrey City Council is set to once again bulldoze a forest the size of Redwood Park.

The environmental advisory committee asks to meet with Surrey Council and their own Council sloughs them off. The Mayor says it’s too early to hear from the ecological advisory committee. How can it ever be too early to hear from a committee given the task of protecting our environment?!

In Surrey, the City Council appoints you to a committee and then refuses to listen to you.

Could it be that thousands of homes, and their building, and the taxes, and the roads, and the all-out needed greed by development fuels this Council’s decisions? Is it window dressing? The Council decides to appoint an environmental advisory committee, then chooses to ignore it.

Now I know we can’t  solve the whole world’s environmental problems in the City of Surrey, but once upon a time we were known as the City of Parks. We had a proud environmental record, the city believed in green space and we believed in quality education. We believed the citizens had a say.

It is unacceptable to have a Mayor and Council who refuse to listen to its own committees because they won’t give them the answers they want to hear.  Sure, we can cram thousands of more people in the city of Surrey. Sure, we can build more and more townhouses, and more and more condensed development. But where are our priorities?

I am not talking about saving every tree that ever grew in Surrey. But we should save at least some of the best. Why can’t we develop in a way that allows more trees to stay?


Gary T. Robinson

Surrey Civic Coalition

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