LETTER: Set a date for Mound Farm Park trails

Fifteen years ago, Cloverdale's Ken Krasnikoff was asked to be part of a steering committee on how Mound Farm might be used by the public.

Mound Farm Park in Cloverdale.

Mound Farm Park in Cloverdale.

Fifteen years ago, Ken Krasnikoff of the Cloverdale Community Association was asked by the City of Surrey’s Parks and Recreation department to be part of a steering committee on how Mound Farm, a unique mound south of Highway 10 between 168 and 178 Streets, might be used for public use.

He made the following presentation to the city’s parks and recreation committee earlier this spring and shared it with The Reporter in response to our June 6 story, “Grant helps Mound Farm Park Prepare for Visitors.”

The mound itself is an island of green surrounded by flat agricultural lands. Due to its interesting geological formation and significant tree cover, it is considered a landmark in the surrounding Cloverdale area. It is covered by a stand of about 1,000 mature trees, including Douglas firs, western red cedars and big leaf maples. The views both to and from the Mound are equally spectacular.

I said “yes” to being part of this steering committee and after several committee meetings and three public meetings at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School, a preferred master plan option was selected and finalized.

While protecting the existing stand of trees, it shows pedestrian/bicycle trails on and around the 14-hectare mound. Picnicking facilities would be created, taking advantage of views from the mound.

The flat agricultural land would remain as farmland. To work with the steering committee, a consulting firm was hired and was responsible for preparing the Mound Farm Park Master Plan.

With the master plan in place and the city officially dedicating the mound as a park in 1996, I thought that the city would develop the trail system in short order. In fact, I felt that there had been some urgency to gather a steering committee and complete this master plan. That was not the case, and after 15 years without any development, we the CCA are here asking this committee to dust off this report and to develop Mound Farm Park. This would create a city-wide amenity providing passive recreational activities for all ages.

As you know, Cloverdale and area has seen tremendous growth that will continue for many years. So, it’s time that theMound be developed for park use, not just for Cloverdale, but for all Surrey communities to enjoy. I hope we don’t have to wait very long for this to become a reality and therefore are asking this committee to establish a timeline as to when the mound will be opened for public use.


Ken Krasnikoff

Cloverdale Community


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