Letter: Pot. What’s the big deal?

To the editor; as someone who doesn't see a problem with legalizing marijuana, it makes sense to at least decriminalize it.

To the editor,

Re: Store acts as petition sign up spot, Oct. 3

As someone who does not see a problem with the legalization of marijuana, I don’t think it makes sense to not legalize it or at least decriminalize it.

Cannabis can be used as more than a recreational drug. It has many benefits for some people with certain medical conditions. Of course there is going to be some people who will abuse the privilege, but there are many people who abuse the privilege of alcohol and tobacco.

Many can even argue that marijuana is better for you then both tobacco and marijuana. People die every day from dumb decisions they made while impaired by alcohol. People also die every day from illnesses or diseases they get from smoking tobacco. None have died from too much marijuana, although I acknowledge that fact that there are some downfalls to marijuana.

I think that if we try to control and show some trust to people who use marijuana, you will be surprised at how little things would change. I do not believe that it would up the crime rate or death rate.

There are many petitions circling already in hopes of legalizing marijuana. I honestly don’t think it would change much. And with the money that was saved from trying to patrol it we could use it elsewhere. The places that have already legalized it make a profit at the end of the year.

Alyssa Clegg

South Surrey