Letter: Not a fan of refugee plan

We have our own multitude of problems. It would seem we would be better to solve some first

Regarding the Syrian refugee situation. I and many others that I know are strongly opposed to this proposal and for good reason. When I look around and listen to our own multitude of problems it would seem that we would be much better to solve some of them first.

We have homeless people, welfare, unemployment, food banks, soup kitchens, mental health, hospital waiting lists, child welfare problems and even more. The media would have us to believe that all is well, but I don’t get much (if anything) in the way of opposition. How about some kind of a reasonable balance?

The last poll that I heard indicated that 60 per cent of B.C.ers and 70 per cent of Albertans were opposed to the Syrian refugee proposal. I would venture to say that if a truly independent poll done by a truly random sample of residents that the figures would be higher today.  How about a five-year moratorium on Canadian citizenship?

I don’t know how many millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money this will cost, but I do know that there is only one taxpayer.

D.L. Gardiner


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