Letter: New development ‘cheap-looking’

'The Bristol' will drive people away from our community instead of attracting them to Cloverdale

Artist rendering of The Bristol

Artist rendering of The Bristol

Thank you for your article about the new development planned for downtown Cloverdale (“Locals voice concerns about The Bristol,” March 3).

I can say that I am disappointed in the people who make decisions for our community. Instead of inviting people into our community, I think that the Bristol will simply drive them away.

It is cheap looking and does not make our community a “destination”.

I have been waiting to see how Cloverdale was to be “transformed” into somewhere that people would want to spend an afternoon strolling about on any given afternoon.

Unfortunately, I don’t see is happening. I guess I’ll continue heading, in my car, outside of Cloverdale, and spending my money elsewhere.

Too bad this opportunity has been missed.

Deena Humeston