Letter: Get it together, centre-right

Early polling doesn't look good for the B.C. Liberals, but the NDP shouldn't look at this as a mandate for a Utopian paradise.

To the editor;

Early polling does not look good for the B.C. Liberal government as voters appear eager to have their tantrum and send them packing. A new NDP government should not construe this as a mandate to start engineering its vision of a Utopian paradise in B.C.

Voters’ dubious desire for integrity in government, financial or otherwise, won’t be delivered by the NDP. Dix is renowned for his craftiness with altering an official document in abetting another B.C. NDP Premier’s violation of conflict of interest laws.

Apparently two wrongs can make a right in the NDP paradigm. Entrusting the stewardship of the B.C. economy to the NDP is the formula for becoming a have-not province again.

Although, just before the election campaign began, the party was forthright in laying out its platform with its intentions to tax and spend, and to run budget deficits.

This has been followed up by daily campaign trail promises to pilfer more and more hard earned money from the peoples’ pockets.

Hopefully the centre-right coalition can get its act together more quickly this time around and the NDPs’ term and damage can be limited to four years.

The elite of the B.C. business community and the power brokers of the B.C. Liberal Party that installed Christy Clark are well positioned to endure an NDP government, but the average citizens of B.C. are not.


Tim Opper