Letter: Cloverdale seniors are scared

Residents in senior housing are hesitant to raise issues for fear of evictions

Editor’s note: We received this anonymous letter in the mail last week.

To the editor;

Senior citizen abuse is not only verbally and physically, but emotionally [abusive] in particular [for] those who live in senior housing. Most seniors in Cloverdale are hesitant to take issues to the manager because they are afraid of being evicted or “dressed down”.

Having managers for senior housing who do not live in the seniors’ building does not work. The most efficient management system is to have live-in managers and then issues can be addressed and completed in a reasonable amount of time.

The board does not support the residence when issues arise. Residents consequently have no one to deal with issues.

Some residents have as many as six or seven birds in their apartments and others cannot have four-legged animals. Is this favoritism or discrimination?

Most seniors who live in senior housing have chosen this route because they can no longer look after the maintenance of a home.

Where is advocacy for seniors?


A concerned friend of seniors in B.C. Housing in Cloverdale

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