Here we go again


All federal political parties claim they do not want a federal election while spending millions of dollars on negative advertising. A poll on March 1, 2011 showed the federal Conservatives at 43 per cent, while the federal Liberals were at 27 per cent, putting the Conservatives in majority territory, providing they do not slip, as happened in the last election. No less than seven other polls confirm these figures.

Opposition Leader Michael

Ignatieff is struggling to explain the word “not” as a naughty word, like former president of the U.S.A. Bill Clinton trying to explain the word “not” in “I did not ‘not’ have sex with that woman.”

Meanwhile federal NDP Leader Jack Layton is campaigning against the HST, while our B.C. NDP party limits their criticism to the clumsy way it was implemented. The HST is old news in most Canadian provinces.

They can blame the opposition parties for it.

Meanwhile the battle of B.C. NDP leader on April 17 is between [Adrian] Dix and [Mike] Farnworth. I believe it will be the latter.

Fred Perry


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