Costumed climbers: show some respect

It's not a bench or a play structure. It's a memorial to Surrey and Cloverdale's war heroes.

Harry Potter

This is a letter to all the parents that let (or put) their children on the Memorial for Surrey’s War Dead for the photograph last year for the parade. Have some respect. That is not a bench! It is not a play structure. It is a memorial for our heroes.

Every time I look at that photo I grow angry. I so am ashamed that some of my fellow citizens can be so disrespectful.

These young men laid down their lives for Canada and you let your children climb on to it, where a soldier is shown kneeling down at a grave of a fellow comrade.

You may as well spit in the face of them. I just hope that no veteran or family member saw this photo, and if they did let me apologize on behalf of parents that let their children disrespect your honour.

The picture will be taken again this year and I plead with everyone show some respect. DO NOT let your children stand on this Memorial again this year, and before you let your children climb up on it just so they can be seen in the picture, imagine if your child’s name was one of the names engraved on that statue.


Cecilia Thompson


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