Cloverdale mom supports call for province to fund IVF

Healthier mothers and babies, plus reduced health care costs among the benefits of single embryo transfer in vitro fertilization.

To the editor;

As a 26-year-old Cloverdale mother of twins who were born prematurely, I wholeheartedly support a new campaign launched by the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada, calling on the Province of British Columbia to publicly fund single embryo transfer in vitro fertilization (IVF).

My twins were born from IVF. But like so many other B.C. families struggling financially, we transferred more than one embryo to increase our chances of making the costly procedure successful. The result was premature delivery and related health complications.

Public funding for single embryo transfer IVF – a policy adopted by the Province of Quebec in 2010 – would lead to better health outcomes for both mothers and babies, and would save our province money by reducing multiple births.

Healthier mothers, healthier babies and reduced health care costs. It’s a policy that would benefit everyone, and provide equal opportunity for B.C. families struggling with infertility.

Misty Busch

Cloverdale, B.C.