A reader responds – to another reader

Fred Perry, was that you sneaking behind me at the ballot box?

To the editor;

Re: “You’re just sore losers,” May 31

Fred Perry, you profess to know whom I chose in the last election – so was that you sneaking behind me at the ballot box? I suggest you check your glasses as I did not vote as you erroneously guessed because I don’t myopically support an ideology, and will always hold a party to account whether or not they earned my vote – as we all should.

Additionally, regarding your statement of there being “no evidence the fictitious Pierre Poutine fooled anyone, let alone change(d) any election results”, I’d like to point out the following to you, and to the voters of this riding:

·         Last fall, the Harper Conservatives (including MP Russ Hiebert) voted down an opposition bill which would have given new audit/investigative powers to Chief Electoral Officer, Marc Mayrand, in the robocalls scandal

·         The Harper Government recently cut Elections Canada’s budget by 8 percent (7.5 million dollars)

It’s wholly disingenuous to claim that there is no evidence of voter impact since the Conservatives initially stymied the investigation, then went on to cut the budget of the very agency doing the investigating.

Strange behaviour for the “tough on crime” party, don’t you think?


R Benoit