Will mall tenants be gone?

The entrance to the Cloverdale Sikh Society's temple

The entrance to the Cloverdale Sikh Society's temple

With demolition day imminent, the last two tenants of the Cloverdale Mall have promised to move out in time.

The Cloverdale Sikh Society, which operates a temple that’s at the focus of community life for as many as 300 to 400 people, and a church-run soup kitchen that runs the extreme weather shelter for Cloverdale’s homeless, were granted three-month extensions in October.

Both have promised to be out by Jan. 31, mall manager Ken Woodward of Surrey Realty Services said Monday.

“Everybody else is out and we are proceeding with the demolition,” he said.

Crews have begun dismantling the building, and demolition is slated to start Feb. 1.

“But that’s crossing my fingers that the [Sikh] society will be out,” he said.

The aging mall, long past its prime, was recently home to a half-dozen tenants who were out by Oct. 31. Tenants leased space for years while the future of the aging, dilapidated mall was up in the air. The final tenants included a long-time insurance company, a search and rescue group, a theatre company, Cloverdale Church, and several auction houses.

With a firm redevelopment plan finally in place this summer, three-month notices were issued back in August.

But representatives from the Cloverdale Sikh Society asked the City of Surrey for an extension while a suitable new home with a kitchen and other facilities was sought.

“Whether they are out by that date or whether they commence moving out by that date, we’ll have to see,” Woodward said.

“It is our plan to proceed with demolition Feb. 1.”

Once demolition does begin, it will be a months-long process because of the site’s existing infrastructure.

“It’s not like a big ball and chain will come out Feb. 1,” he said.