South Surrey home robberies prompt warning

Police say a few simple steps can make your home a lot safer during the summer months

Surrey RCMP are warning people to close doors

Surrey RCMP are warning people to close doors

A rash of  recent home robberies in South Surrey during the summer heat has sparked a warning from the RCMP.

Since warmer weather has hit the region, Surrey Mounties have had reports of several thefts from homes, particularly in South Surrey, largely because people are leaving doors and windows open to cool down their  homes.

Common methods of entry to homes during the summer is through doors, windows and garages.

“It’s obviously concerning to us, and we think it’s preventable,” said RCMP Sgt. Drew Grainger. “We just need to raise awareness of citizens in the area to be mindful that these are crimes of opportunity for would-be thieves who like to come into your house and steal your stuff.”

Police say some simple steps can prevent the summertime thefts.

They include:

• Make sure door and window locks are working. Use them.

• Lock the door and secure the garage while gardening in the back yard.

• Close and lock all of the windows each time you leave your home.

• If you have an alarm, ensure to set it before you leave home.

• Before going on vacation or away for a weekend, take the time to secure your home, arrange a caretaker to pick up your mail and consider timer lights activated at dusk.

Surrey RCMP police officers and Community Safety Officers will be conducting patrols in local neighbourhoods to remind homeowners about these tips and to discuss further safety steps with them.

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