Former mayoral candidate eyes Surrey-Tynehead

Vikram Bajwa plans future with the Liberals, hopes to take Dave Hayer's seat.

Vikram Bajwa is planning to run with the Liberals for Surrey-Tynehead next year.

Vikram Bajwa is planning to run with the Liberals for Surrey-Tynehead next year.

A former Surrey mayoral candidate wants to run for provincial politics.

Vikram Bajwa announced Monday he’s making himself available to run for the Liberals in Surrey-Tynehead, the seat being vacated by Liberal Dave Hayer.

Bajwa last ran for mayor in 2011, spending more than $70,000 and securing 4,481 votes, or six per cent of those who cast ballots. He was soundly beaten by Mayor Dianne Watts, who took 55,826 votes, or 80 per cent of the ballots cast. Watts’ team spent $662,000 obtaining a sweep on council.

Bajwa has been in the news of late, calling for Watts’ resignation because of a $45,000 policing bill at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit attended by former U.S. presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Watts had previously said the event would come at no cost to the taxpayers. She stands by that, saying any policing costs were within the RCMP budget for traffic control.

Bajwa, now eyeing the riding of Surrey-Tynehead under the Liberals, said the party hasn’t yet asked him to seek the nomination.

“I am requesting them to consider my candidacy for it,” Bajwa said.

He’s been told to gather his 100 nomination signatures and submit them to the nomination committee for consideration. He planned to submit his nomination papers on Monday night (July 30).

“I think it’s appropriate now because of the Enbridge (pipeline) issue,” Bajwa said, adding he’s “proud” of how Premier Christy Clark is dealing with it.

The provincial election will be held in May 14, 2013.