Canucks mob sparks Mountie lawsuit against RCMP

Officer who had his leg broken two years ago is suing his bosses.

Hockey crowd at 72 Avenue and Scott Road two in 2009

Hockey crowd at 72 Avenue and Scott Road two in 2009

An RCMP officer is suing his bosses for not adequately protecting him during a raucous Canucks celebration in Newton two years ago.

RCMP member Rasheed Mohammed Koya attended a large gathering at 72 Avenue and Scott Road in April, 2009, when a mob showed up to sound off about a Canucks win.

The crowd became large, and a group got physical with police.

“One individual from this crowd pushed a junior RCMP member, and an altercation ensued,” according to a statement of claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court April 19.

Koya attempted to arrest the individual, who resisted, causing Koya to fall. Three people then fell on top of him, breaking his leg.

The B.C. Ambulance Service had trouble accessing the area because of the large crowd, which peaked at around 1,500 people.

Koya underwent surgery on April 23, when steel was inserted to his tibia and fibula to reinforce them.

“The RCMP failed to protect the Plaintiff while he was on duty, and the RCMP failed to adequately respond to the incident that gave rise to his injury,” the statement of claim says.

On May 5, 2009, Koya was scheduled for a tryout for the Emergency Response Team (ERT), but was forced to cancel it because of the injury to his leg.

“As a result of the steel that was inserted into the Plaintiff’s leg to reinforce his bones, he remains unable to complete the rigorous six week training program requried to successfully become part of the ERT,” the claim states.

Koya is seekng general, aggravated and punitive damages as well as costs.

A statement of defense has not been filed yet.