Delta city hall. (Grace Kennedy photo)

FINAL TALLY: 43 candidates running in Delta civic election

Voters head to the polls on Saturday, Oct. 20

Delta’s political landscape is set to change as the 2018 civic election draws closer.

With about five weeks to go until voters go to the polls, major change is a certainty. The impending shakeup starts at the top as Mayor Lois Jackson is set to run for a seat on council rather than seek another term after 19 years at the helm.

Counc. Ian Paton resigned his seat on July 1 to concentrate on his work as MLA for Delta South, and Counc. Heather King is not seeking re-election as she and her family are moving to Vancouver Island. With Counc. Sylvia Bishop running for mayor, that leaves three of six councillor seats up for grabs.

Five-term school trustee Fabian Milat announced on June 12 that he would not be running again this election, guaranteeing at least one new face on Delta’s seven-person school board.

Nominations closed at 4 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 14, with six candidates for mayor, 20 for council and 17 for school trustee joining the race for office.

Voters head to the polls on Saturday, Oct. 20, with advanced voting opportunities on Oct. 6, 10 and 11. To register or to find out where to cast your ballot, head to

Here’s a list of candidates who have officially declared their intention to run for either mayor, council or school board:

(Editor’s note: All bios and photos were submitted by either the candidates or their representatives.)



BISHOP, Sylvia (Team Delta)

Bishop is a life-long Delta resident and a retired teacher. She’s served two consecutive terms on council and is active on the seniors advisory sub-committee and the parks, recreation and culture committee. Bishop is determined to protect the environment, supports agri-business and believes Delta should not incur any new debt.

Website: │ Twitter: @Bishop4Delta │ Facebook: @sylvia.bishop.754 │ Instagram: @sylviabishop


CESSFORD, Jim (Independents Working for You)

Cessford devoted himself to serving Delta as chief of police for 20 years. He offers Delta community-based leadership with integrity, the ability to work collaboratively and a proven track record of putting people first.

Website: │ Twitter: @CessfordJim │ Facebook: n/a


HARVIE, George (Achieving for Delta)

A Tsawwassen resident for over 40 years, Harvie and his wife Gillian have two children, Tim and Taryn. George’s career as a city manager spans four decades. He became Delta’s chief administrative officer in 2001. At that time, Delta was $60 million in debt. Today, Delta is debt free.

Website: │ Twitter: @Harvie4Delta │ Facebook: @Harvie4Delta


KOLVYN, Moneca

Kolvyn has not yet submitted a bio.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: @moneca.kolvyn



Hello my name is Alex Megalos I am a resident of Delta and grew up in Ladner. I travelled and lived and worked, I saw diversity, I saw different cultures. Through travelling you pick out the good things, you understand the bad things and you see a better vision in what a community could be.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a



Vaitkus has not yet submitted a bio.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: @delta.vote4v



CAMPBELL, Robert (Team Delta)

Campbell is a retired lawyer and an experienced member of Delta council. A resident of Delta for the past 27 years, he is deeply committed to our city and has demonstrated his passion for creating the best fields, parks and facilities possible for local Delta residents.

Website: │ Twitter: @rpcbeachgrove │ Facebook: n/a


COPELAND, Dan (Achieving for Delta)

Copeland has spent 36 years as a firefighter, and the last 11 years as Delta Fire chief. As chief, Dan was instrumental in having Delta Fire licensed to provide enhanced medical aid on emergency calls.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a



Currently on parental leave until December, DeCraene is employed as a team lead/journeyman autoglass installer for one of the busiest vehicle glass service centres in Western Canada and has been there for over 11 years.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: @DeCraene4Delta │ Facebook: @votecraigdecraene


DU, Chen

A Delta resident of eight years, Du has a humble beginning like many others, no matter if it was his experience as a dishwasher, cashier or legal assistant. Du is an active volunteer in Delta and an educator who has helped many new immigrants and international students to better integrate into the Canadian society. As a true independent candidate, Du stands with the everyday concerns of Deltans and will strive to make Delta more accessible, safer and better.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: @chendufordelta2018


GREEN, Darcy

A Delta resident for over 16 years, Green has spent his professional career in the non-profit and small business sectors, including founding non-profit Drizzle Environmental Society. He believes in a connected Delta where everyone’s voice is heard, industry thrives, sustainability is top of mind and housing is more affordable.

Website: │ Twitter: @dgvancity │ Facebook: @dgvancity │ Instagram: @dgvancity


GREWAL, Param (Achieving for Delta)

Grewal is an entrepreneur, a social activist and an advocate for the farming industry. He has worked in non-profits, social services, and at both the federal and provincial levels of government.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a


GUICHON, Alicia (Achieving for Delta)

As a young farmer and entrepreneur, Guichon opened Backroads Family Farm Market four years ago. She comes from a long line of Delta farmers and is passionate about the preservation of agricultural land.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a


HALE, Kay Khilvinder

Hale has not yet submitted a bio.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: @KayHaleBC


HANSEN, Joan (Team Delta)

Hansen is an optometrist and business-woman who has lived in Delta for 35 years. She has served on the Delta police board and is a charter member of the Tsawwassen Rotary Club. Hansen has also served as president of the B.C. Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Association of Optometrists.

Website: │ Twitter: @drjoanhansen │ Facebook: n/a


JACKSON, Lois (Achieving for Delta)

Jackson was first elected to council in 1973 and has been mayor since 1999. She served as chair of the Metro Vancouver board of directors from 2006 to 2011 and as a member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities standing committee on international relations. In 2015, Jackson was recognized by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities for her 35 years of public service.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a


KANAKOS, Jeannie (Independents Working for You)

Kanakos’ professional experience in community development and negotiations has made her an effective three-term councillor. Passionate about quality of life in Delta, she is known for doing her homework and for working collaboratively to find solutions.

Website: │ Twitter: @JKanakos │ Facebook: n/a


KENDALL, Kim (Team Delta)

Kendall has been exceptionally active in Delta, and currently serves as the newly-elected president of the North Delta Rotary Club. Kendall also works on the board of the Tour de Delta, is a past board member of Tourism Delta, and served with the Delta Hospital Foundation’s Moonlight Gala committee.

Website: │ Twitter: @KimKendallDelta │ Facebook: @KimKendallDelta


KRUGER, Dylan (Achieving for Delta)

Kruger comes with extensive governing experience at both the federal and provincial level. He is passionate about keeping young families in Delta and making sure the next generation of Deltans are set up for success.

Website: │ Twitter: @dylankrugerbc │ Facebook: n/a



Lori and her family have lived in Delta for over 20 years. She brings considerable financial management and governance experience through her roles as a secretary-treasurer for the 12,000-strong union MoveUP, as a board member for Working Opportunities investment fund, and as a pension trustee.

Website: │ Twitter: @LoriMayhewDelta │ Facebook: @MayhewforDelta


MCDONALD, Bruce (Independents Working for You)

McDonald is an effective and responsive councillor with incisive analytical skills and deep knowledge of Delta’s local history and issues. For over 30 years, he has been serving and advocating for our community.

Website: │ Twitter: @McDonald4Delta │ Facebook: n/a


PANDHER, Sandeep (Independents Working for You)

A professional project manager, Pandher is dedicated to listening actively, taking ideas to action and delivering tangible results. His focus is keeping Deltans moving, building a family-friendly city and accelerating our leadership on environment and climate action.

Website: │ Twitter: @Sandeep_Pandher │ Facebook: n/a


SHEARER, Garry (Independents Working for You)

Shearer has a record of success in hi-tech start-ups in Delta. His commitment to community includes securing the Hospice property as president of the Delta Hospice Society, and enhancing our community as president of the Tsawwassen Rotary Club and governor of Rotary in B.C.

Website: │ Twitter: @GarryShearer3 │ Facebook: n/a



Smith is a longtime Delta resident who has lived in North Delta since 1991. For most of his life he has been a mechanic with Coast Mountain Bus Company, and it has been his privilege for the last year to be the president of Unifor 2200 representing those folks he works alongside with. He’s also been very active in the youth sports community in Delta, coaching a number of youth teams.

Website: TBA │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: @mikesmithfordelta │ Instagram: @mikesmithfordelta


TRAVERSY, Cal (Achieving for Delta)

A former chair of the Tour de Delta, and Medal of Bravery recipient, Traversy recently retired after a 27-year career as a police officer, including 10 with the Delta Police Department. He is passionate about community safety and working with youth.

Website: │ Twitter: @Sgt_Cal │ Facebook: n/a


WALIA, Simran (Team Delta)

Walia is a mom, career-woman, mentor and a passionate community leader. She is a business intelligence manager with an international firm and serves on Delta’s seniors advisory sub-committee and parks, recreation and culture committee. Her proudest achievement is being a role model for her two sons, Divraj and Sahib.

Website: │ Twitter: @Walia4Delta │ Facebook: @Walia4Delta │ Instagram: @walia4delta



ANDERSON-FENNELL, Randy (Kids Matter)

A resident of Delta for eight years and an electrician in the Surrey School District for 11 years, Randy Anderson-Fennell has seen first hand how public education cuts hurt classrooms. He is running for trustee to ensure Delta schools are safe, inclusive and provide opportunities for all children to succeed.

Website: │ Twitter: @unsung32 │ Facebook: n/a


BEARD, Erica (Achieving for Delta)

A life-long Delta resident, Erica was raised in North Delta and now lives with her young family in Tsawwassen. A registered nurse by trade, with experience in a wide variety of health care fields including clinical practice and education, she is a passionate advocate for healthy and active communities where families can thrive.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a


BENNETT, Rhiannon (Delta Voices)

Bennett is Musqueam and was raised in Ladner. She has worked and volunteered with children, youth and families for over two decades. As a trustee, she focused on repairing and building stronger relationships with education partners. Bennett lives on Tsawwassen Lands with her partner and daughter and works to create a more equitable world for all.

Website:│ Twitter: @salishRhiannon │ Facebook: @RhiannonBennettDelta│ Instagram: @RhiannonBennettTrustee


BOISVERT, Daniel (Achieving for Delta)

With a successful Notary Public practice in Tsawwassen, Daniel lives, works and raises his family in his hometown of South Delta. Always working to give back to the community, he is the current president of the BC Notaries Association and a director for the Society of Notaries Public B.C., and is active in a number of local sports as both an athlete and a proud dad.

Website: │ Twitter: @NotaryDan │ Facebook: n/a


DIXON, Laura (Independents Working for You)

A 20-year advocate for Delta’s children, youth and families, Dixon has served as a school trustee for three terms and as board chair for the past five years. Dixon works hard to create an atmosphere that supports innovative teaching and student success.

Website: │ Twitter: @Dixon_Delta │ Facebook: n/a


DOSANJH, Jessie (Achieving for Delta)

A producer of many high-performance local athletes since 2000, Jessie Dosanjh is a founding member of the Universal Athletics Club, serving as the Youth National Championship Team Coach for B.C. in 2010 and 2013 for sprinting and hurdling. Recognized by the Surrey Now-Leader in 2014 for his excellence in community leadership, Jessie is a champion for equipping the next generation of Delta with the skills they need to succeed in sport and life.

Website: │ Twitter: @JesseUAC │ Facebook: n/a


ESPINOZA, Victor (Kids Matter)

Espinoza has lived in Ladner since 2006 and has three children, the oldest two attending Delta public schools. He is a 20-year veteran teacher in the public school system, hard-working, intelligent, principled and focused on making the right decisions for students. He plans to work together with trustees and staff to cultivate neighbourhood public schools that are safe, inclusive and meet the learning needs of all Delta children and families.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a


HILDER, Andrea (Delta Voices)

Hilder has been an educator and child advocate for almost 20 years. She has been in Delta’s classrooms; she knows what works and where we still have work to do. Hilder brings a unique perspective to school board, representing under-served populations, specifically students with special needs and those of Indigenous ancestry.

Website:│ Twitter: @MissHilder │ Facebook: Andrea Hilder For Delta School Trustee │ Instagram: @misshilder


KANAKOS, Nick (Independents Working for You)

Kanakos is a retired Delta teacher and has served seven years as a Delta school board trustee. He understands the education system from the inside out. Kanakos provides the experience and leadership that ensures a high quality education for Delta students.

Website: │ Twitter: @Nick_Kanakos │ Facebook: n/a


LUEY, David

Luey has not yet submitted a bio.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a


MUEGO, Joe (Independents Working for You)

An architect, Muego brings both a professional and a parent lens to the Delta School District. He is a long-time parent leader in the Delta School District, having served as a PAC chair at Beach Grove Elementary and now as chair of the Delta District PAC.

Website: │ Twitter: @JoeMuego │ Facebook: n/a


NAIDU, Mita (Delta Voices)

Naidu (BA, MA, MHA) is a mom of two, and has built a career focused on relationship-building, advocacy and community engagement. She is committed to ensuring that Delta has active engaged leaders who represent its diverse communities. Naidu was named one of “12 Remarkable Women in the Arts” by the City of Vancouver in 2012.

Website: │ Twitter: @Mita4Delta │ Facebook: @mitadeltavoices │ Instagram: @mitanaid


NAZARETH, Sujay (Achieving for Delta)

A 23-year resident of North Delta, Sujay Nazareth is a father, active volunteer and successful local business owner. Passionate about helping others in his community, he is running for school board on a commitment to bring open lines of access and communication between teachers, parents and elected officials.

Website: │ Twitter: @slnazareth │ Facebook: n/a


PAN, Melody

Pan has not yet submitted a bio.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: n/a│ Facebook: n/a


REID, Bruce (Kids Matter)

Reid, a current school board trustee, is a former teacher, high school counsellor and pastor. He is a father of three and grandfather of five (soon to be six). The biggest concern for education in Delta in ensuring that funding is in place to ensure all students are able to succeed. As society and education is continually changing, Reid plans to continue working to cultivate schools that are safe, inclusive and innovative to meet the learning needs of all Delta residents today and in the future.

Website: │ Twitter: n/a│ Facebook: n/a


SAIP, Dale

Saip has not yet submitted a bio.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: n/a│ Facebook: n/a



Windsor is a two-term school trustee and current vice-chair of the Delta board of education. A retired Delta teacher and former president of the Delta Teachers’ Association, she’s been an advocate for public education for 45+ years. Among her top priorities are the probable changes coming to the education funding formula which could put Delta at a disadvantage, meeting the needs of vulnerable students and the replacement of track at NDSS.

Website: n/a │ Twitter: @ValWindsor │ Facebook: n/a


Achieving for Delta (Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: n/a)

Delta Voices (Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: @DeltaVoices2018)

Independents Working for You (Twitter: @VoteDelta │ Facebook: @IndependentsWorkingForYou │ Instagram: @independentsworkingforyou)

Kids Matter (Twitter: n/a │ Facebook: @DeltaKidsMatter)

Team Delta (Twitter: @TeamDeltaBC │ Facebook: @teamdeltabc │ Instagram: @teamdeltabc)

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