Cloverdale’s Emma Alves has performed across the country. Cumulus Photography

Cloverdale’s Emma Alves has performed across the country. Cumulus Photography

Surrey singer-songwriter no ‘Stranger’ to spotlight

Emma Alves on her music’s evolution and upcoming performances

Emma Alves, 18, may have graduated from Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School just last year, but she’s already begun to take the music world by storm.

Her single, Stranger, has gotten radio play across the world and, when looking at her accomplishments in the past few years, it seems as if she could take the international stage at any moment.

But before she performed at Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, she started out here in Surrey.

When she was 9 years old, she began vocal lessons and soon started performing in local coffee shops. These days, the accomplished musician can not only sing but also play the guitar, ukulele, piano and even the clarinet.

When she was 12, she began to play in festivals and sing at hockey games. Six years later, and she’s performed in front of thousands across Canada and in the U.S., has recorded and released an album, and is drawing the eye of labels.

The singer-songwriter writes all of her own music, drawing from her life for inspiration.

“It’s an outlet for me to express what I’m feeling,” said Alves. “It’s a place for me to escape and heal.”

When asked which of her songs is her favourite, she said it’s her latest single, Stranger. But not because of its success. She said she loves it because it expresses who she is, and reflects on who she has become.

“All my old music is more younger,” she said. “Stranger … really reflects how I’ve matured in recent years, and gives a glimpse of what my new music is going to sound like.”

Alves’ goal is to make a career out of singing, if she can.

“I want to really love what I do (for a living), and I know music is something I’ll love forever.”

Watch Alves perform live at Market Days this Saturday, May 27, or visit her at

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